In this web site I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way in my 43 years of making my living as a professional pianist. I am primarily a jazz and show-tune pianist but my roots are in the classical world. 

Maybe you can pick up some tips and ideas from my video lessons that you can use in your own playing and study or just for having fun even if you’re not serious.


Pour yourself a glass of wine and let me play some

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  • I've Got You Under My Skin2:00
  • All Of You3:23
  • Easy To Love3:28
  • I Love Paris5:15
  • I Concentrate On You2:51

​If you’d like to learn how to play solo blues piano,  Blues Lesson One is a great place to start.

Whether you are a classical player venturing into blues or a self taught pianist Blues Lesson One will give you the beginning concepts and hand left-hand, right-hand coordination concepts to set a solid foundation that you can build upon. Playing the blues is fun. The object is to get loose and enjoy being creative and making fun sounds. This is especially exciting for classical pianist who would like to get away from the confines of learning and playing from the written page. Escape and have fun!

                       Visit the Blues Lessons page 

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Can't play a note on the piano?

​​This series of videos is for pianist who would like to play cocktail style piano. Progressive lessons show how to make jazz chords and then use them to play jazz standards and read from chord charts. Here’s a brief description of the videos on this page:

1. Five Jazz Chord Types – The basic stuff we all need for understanding jazz theory. 
2. Rootless Jazz Chords – Often called the Bill Evans chord voicings. Very hip, jazzy and versatile
3. Professional Piano Technique– Basic left-hand technique, open voicings, melody support, etc
4. Cocktail & Runs and Arpeggios –Creating smooth piano runs and effects with one and two hands
5. Cocktail Piano Arrangements – demonstrations using elements from all of the videos above

                                                Visit the Cocktail piano lessons page


If you've never even played a single note on the piano and think you have zero talent or ability to do so you might have fun with this free little lesson showing you how to make some nice sounds and have some fun without knowing a thing.

Before the 1960's there were only acoustic pianos. The electrics and digitals came on the scene with the flourishing electric pop music in the 70's. Read more about the difference between keyboards and pianos and what it means to you. 

Play on a digital electric keyboard or play on a real piano?

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Blues Piano Lessons

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